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Sheli Toj   Sheli Toj, which means "Sheli Writing System", is the name of the script used to write the Sheli language, created by David J. Peterson in 2001. Sheli…

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Motekye's Sheren alphabet    Sheren was created by Phil (Motekye) Pappajohn in June of 2004 when he went on a short vacation and needed to tell people both where he…

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h1>Shilluk (Dhɔg Cɔlɔ) Shilluk is a Nilo-Saharan language spoken by about 175,000 people in southern Sudan. It is also known as Chollo, Chulla, Colo, Dhocolo and Shulla, and is closely…

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Shiwi    The Shiwi alphabet was invented by Kiro to write a language of the same name that appears in a story she is writing. Shiwi can also be used…

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Sholanquano alphabet    The Sholanquano alphabet is the invention of Asa (apollotiger[at] and is based on the Arabic script with vowel diacritics based on the Tengwar script. He uses it…

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