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Shabaki (زِوان شَبَكي) Shabaki is a language spoken by Shabak people in Mosul, Iraq. It is part of the northwestern group of the Iranian part of the Indo-Iranian branch of…

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Shan   Shan is a Tai language spoken by about 3.3 million people in the Shan States of Burma in the northeast of the country, and also in parts of…

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Shandanese    The Shandanese script was invented by Javier Miranda in 2001 while he was on vacation in Puerto Rico. He uses it to write his conlang, also called Shandanese,…

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Shanghainese (上海闲话 / Zanhe-ëwo) Shanghainese is a dialect of Wu spoken by about 15 million people in Shanghai. There are also many Shanghainese speakers in Hong Kong. There is no…

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