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Silesian (ślůnsko godka / ślůnski) Silesian or Upper Silesian is a West Slavonic language with about 1,250,000 speakers in Upper Silesia, a region that is partly in Poland and partly…

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Silt'e (ስልጥኘ) Silt'e is a Semitic language spoken in Central Ethiopia by about 827,000 people. The majority of Silt'e speakers life in the Silte Zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities,…

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Similis    Similis was created by Jamie D one boring night while playing CNK. The basic form was modeled after English and Tengwar (Elvish), hence the dipping, flowing nature. This…

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Simplebet    The Simplebet was invented by Kim Godgul in 2008 as a simple alternative alphabet for writing English. The letters only have one case and the shapes are simpler…

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Sindhi (سنڌي) Sindhi is an Indo-Aryan language with about 17 million speakers in the south-eastern province of Sind in Pakistan and about 2.8 million people in India. The Sindhi language…

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