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Sinhala alphabet    Origin The Sinhala alphabet, a descendent of the Brahmi script, started to appear in inscriptions during the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. Both the alphabet and the…

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Sioux The Siouan languages are spoken in the USA and Canada by a total of roughly 23,000 people. There is considerable mutual intelligibility between these the Lakota and Dakota languages,…

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Reonji    Reonji is a hieroglyphic writing system inspired by the Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese scripts and invented by Leonid Eliseev, who started working on it in 1990. He tried…

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Rikchik    Rikchik, the creation of Denis Moskowitz, is the logographic writing system of alien creatures who use some of their tentacles to sign their language, which is also known…

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Rirasu alphabet    The Rirasu alphabet was created by Samantha Phillips to write her invented language, Vijyal. In Vijyal, "rirasu" translates to "that which is written". At first, old rirasu,…

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