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Scar The Scar syllabary was created by Jon Molnar for use in a novel he's writing. In the novel the syllabary is used by a draconic race called simply "the…

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h1>Scots (Scoats leid/Lallans) Scots is a Germanic language closely related to English and spoken by about 1.5 million people in Scotland. Scots is descended from the language of the Angles…

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Scryptic code

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Scryptic II The Scryptic Code was created by Thomas Maska ( and was originally used as a deceptive mode of communitcation. Its decorative qualities were meant to be distracting, thus…

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Semaphore    Semaphore is a signalling system which involves waving a pair of hand-held flags in various positions to indicate letters of the alphabet or numerals. The flags used in…

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Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian Serbian (српски), Croatian (Hrvatski) and Bosnian (Bosanski) are different national literary and official registers of the Serbo-Croatian language, they are mutually intelligible and belong to the…

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