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Vietnamese (tiếng việt / 㗂越) Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language spoken by about 82 million people mainly in Vietnam. There are also Vietnamese speakers in the USA, China, Cambodia, France,…

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Old European / Vinča / Danube script Origin These symbols have been found on many of the artefacts excavated from sites in south-east Europe, in particular from Vinča near Belgrade,…

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Vine alphabet The Vine alphabet was invented by Marshall Wildey in 2002 during a boring day at work. He was inspired by Mongolian in its vertical, continuous writing. Most of…

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Viozian language and alphabet    The Viozian language and alphabet were created by Dirk Bakker from Groningen in the Netherlands when he was about ten years old (in 1989). Already…

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Visible Speech

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Visible Speech    Origins Visible Speech is a writing system invented in 1867 by Alexander Melville Bell, father of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Melville Bell was…

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