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Golic Vulcan    Golic Vulcan is one of the constructed languages of the Vulcan race from the science fiction series Star Trek. It was carefully crafted over many years by…

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Wakhi (x̌ik zik) Wakhi is a member of the Southern Pamir group of Iranian languages. It is spoken in parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and China by about 31,000 people.…

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Trees The Trees alphabet is the creation of Massimiliano Monagheddu from Sardinia. The alphabet can be used to write any language, just simply putting together the single letters. Long vowels…

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Troitròskíng    Troitrosking is an alphabet invented by Svip to write his conlang, Eufnix. He plans to use the alphabet and the language is a novel he's writing. The sounds…

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Tsez (Цез мец) Tsez is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by about 7,000 people in the Tsunta district of southern and western Dagestan in Russia. The name Tsez, which is used…

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