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Murrinh-Patha Murrinh-Patha is an independent non-Pama-Nyungan Australian language. It could also be related to the Daly group. It is spoken around Wadeye (western coast of the Northern Territory) and along…

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Murui Huitoto

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Murui Huitoto Murui Huitoto is a member of the Witotoan language family spoken by about 2,900 people along Ampiyacu, Putumayo and Napo rivers in Peru and Colombia. In Peru the…

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Mwangwego The Mwangwego script was invented by Nolence Moses Mwangwego as a way to write Malawian languages. He invented it after visiting France in 1977 and discovering the existence of…

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Nabataean abjad Origins The Nabataean abjad developed from the Aramaic abjad during the 2nd century BC. Stone inscriptions in the Nabataean abjad have been found in Petra, the capital of…

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Madri    Madri started in the early sixties as a "secret writing" invented by Peter J. Franke in the Netherlands. First it followed the Roman alphabet, but it soon turned…

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