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North Sámi (davvisámegiella/sámegiella) North Sámi or North Sámi is a Western Sámi language spoken by about 15-25,000 people in Norway, Sweden and Finland. North Sámi was first documented in a…

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Norwegian (Norsk) Norwegian is a North Germanic language with around 5 million speakers in mainly in Norway. There are also some speakers of Norwegian in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the UK,…

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Novial (Nov International Auxiliari Lingue) Novial is an international auxiliary language created by Otto Jespersen, a linguist from Denmark. Jespersen recogised a need for an international auxiliary language and thought…

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Northern Sotho (Sesotho sa Leboa) Northern Sotho is one of the official languages of South Africa and is a member of the Bantu/Nguni family of languages. It is spoken by…

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Nuer (Naadh) Nuer is a member of the Western Nilotic group of the Nilo-Saharan languages spoken in southern Sudan and western Ethiopia by about 800,000 people. Nuer is written with…

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