New Mong

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New Mong   The New Mong alphabet is an alternative way of writing the Mong or Hmong languages, which are spoken in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and China. It was devised…

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New Nikhilipi

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New Nikhilipi alphabet The New Nikhilipi alphabet was invented by Nikhil Sinha in September 2005 with the aim of making Indian languages easier to use on the internet and on…

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Ngala    Ngala is system of quasi-featural glyphs, mostly monosyllabic used to represent the Qatama language. Ngala and the Qatama conlang were invented by Carl Buck for use in his…

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h1>Ngiyambaa Ngiyambaa is a member of the Wiradhuric subgroup of the Pama-Nyungan language family. It was originally spoken by the Wailwan and Wiraibon, East Australian tribes in the geographical centre…

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Nheengatu (ñe'engatú) Nheengatu is a Tupí-Guarani language with about 3,000 speakers in Brazil, 3,000 in Colombia and 2,000 in Venezuela. In Brazil the language is spoken mainly along the Rio…

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