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Pesato Pesato was created by Carl Buck for his personal constructed language Kala. It was inspired by the Chinese and Mongolian Seal scripts as well as Hangul. Notable features Type…

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Phags-pa script In 1260 Kublai Khan commissioned a Tibetan Lama called Blo-gros rGyal-mtshan, who is better known by the title Phags-pa Lama, to create a new national script to replace…

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Phoenician/Canaanite   Origins The Phoenician alphabet developed from the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, during the 15th century BC. Before then the Phoenicians wrote with a cuneiform script. The earliest known inscriptions in…

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Phon alphabet Phon is a universal auxiliary writing system invented by Samuel Putman. Universal because, like the International Phonetic Alphabet, Phon can be used in principle to write any statement…

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Phonetic Script

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Phonetic Script    This phonetic script is a graphic representation of the sounds of speech invented by Christian Crowley. The symbols are derived from the positions of the organs of…

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