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Renglish/Ренглиш Renglish is an alternative method of writing English using the Cyrillic or Latin alphabets invented by Slacknet Communications, who spent a few months testing and perfecting the Cyrillic version…

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Pana    The Pana alphabet was invented by Zhao Ze (Kenet Jervet), a junior software engineer from China in August, 2011. It was initially used as the standard alphabet for…

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Pangasinan (Salitan Pangasinan) Pangasinan or Pangasinese is spoken by about 1.5 million people mainly in the province of Pangasinan, where it is the official regional language, on the west side…

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Papiamento (Papiamentu) Papiamento is a Creole language containing elements of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English and French, as well as Arawak and African languages. It is spoken by about 330,000 people…

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Parthian script Origin The Parthian script developed from the Aramaic script around the 2nd century BC and was used during the Parthian and Sassanian periods of the Persian empire. The…

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