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Tuscarora (Sgaroorehʼ) Tuscarora is a Northern Iroquoian language with about 13 speakers in southern Ontario in Canada, and in New York state and parts of North Carolina in the USA.…

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Tuvaluan (Te 'gana Tūvalu) Tuvaluan is a Polynesian language spoken by about ten thousand people in the independent nation of Tuvalu, consisting of nine small islands in the south-central Pacific,…

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Tuvan (Тыва дыл / Tyva dyl) Tuvan is a Turkic language with about 200,000 speakers in the Republic of Tuva (Tannu Tuva) in south-central Siberia in the far east of the…

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Twi Twi is a dialect of Akan, a member of the Kwa sub-group of Niger-Congo languages. There are about 7 million Twi speakers, mainly in Ghana. Major dialects of Twi…

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Ubykh (ТВaҳəбзa/Twaxəbza) Ubykh is a North West Caucasian language once spoken on the eastern coast of the Black Sea around Sochi in the Russian Federation, and also in Turkey. The…

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