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Meroïtic alphabet Origin The Meroïtic alphabet was derived from ancient Egyptian writing sometime during the 4th century BC in around 315 BC. A cursive form developed in 185 BC and…

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Mesa alphabets The Mesa Polyglot alphabet This alphabet was invented by Juan Mesa ( and was designed as an easy-to-learn and simple-to-use alternative international alphabet. The lowercase letters are just…

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Messerussian   The Messerussian alphabet was created by Devin Lester and was modelled on the Tengwar, Latin and Devanagari alphabets. He also invented a language with the same name which…

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Miami (Myaamia) Miami or Miami-Illinois is a member of the Algic branch of the Algonquian family. It was once spoken in parts of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio, and in…

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Midlander alphabet    Origin Midlander is a phonetic alphabet created by Erik Ruser for use in a series of fantasy novels currently being written by his friend Eric Vargo. The…

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