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Porja The Porja are a hill tribe inhabiting the Agency Area of Visakhapatnam District, and in adjoining areas of Orissa State. They are chiefly shifting agriculturists and cultivate lands on…

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Portuguese (Português) Portuguese is a Romance language spoken by about 240 million people mainly in Brazil (Brasil) and Portugal, and also in Angola, Mozambique (Moçambique), Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), Guinea-Bissau…

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Porturillic (Портурыличо) Porturillic or Porturílico was invented by Daniel M. Sardinha as a way of writing Portuguese with the Cyrillic alphabet. Daniel has been studying alphabet and languages since he…

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Posiga alphabet Origin The Posiga alphabet was invented by Renea (RokSuks2RapRuls [at] aol.com) in 2003. It is Renea's first alternative writing system and was inspired by many visits to this…

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Potawatomi (Bode'wadmi) Potawatomi is Algonquian language spoken by fewer than 100 mainly elderly people in Ontario and the north-central United States. Efforts are currently being made by various bands of…

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