Toug Tschic

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Touq Tsh'c    The Touq Tsh'c script was created in April 2006 by Christopher Yale Tang (唐泰川) to write his dialect of Chinese, Yoz Yangq Fad. In March 2006, after…

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Trantanese    Trantanese is a language and writing system created by Albert Nguyen for use in a fictional country, Trantan. The letter shapes are based on parts of Chinese characters…

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Skolt Sami

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Skolt Sámi (Sääˊmǩiõll / Nuõrttsää’m) Skolt Sámi is an Eastern Sámi language with about 400 speakers in Finland and Russia. The majority of speakers live in Sevettijärvi in Finland, and…

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Slovak (Slovenský) Slovak is a Western Slavonic language spoken by about 5.6 million people in Slovakia and also in Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and the USA. Slovak is closely…

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Slovenian (slovenščina/slovenski jezik) Slovenian or Slovene is a South Slavic language spoken by about 2.5 million people mainly in Slovenia, and also in Italy, particularly in Friuli Venezia Giulia; in…

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