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Tennent    Tennent is an alternative alphabet for English created by Brendan Tennent. It is modelled on the Chinese and Mongolian Seal scripts. Notable features Type of writing system: alphabet…

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Ter Sami

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Ter Sámi (Са̄мь кӣлл / saa'mekiill) Ter Sámi is an Easter Sámi language spoken in the northeast of the Kola Peninsula in Russia. In 2010 only two people spoke this…

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Tersive Shorthand     Tersive Shorthand is a cursive shorthand system for American English developed by Troy Heninger. It is cursive in that letters are connected together into words, and…

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Thaana script Origin The Thaana script was developed during the 18th century by an unknown inventor. It first appeared in government documents in 1703 and replaced an older alphabet known…

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Thai alphabet (ตัวอักษรไทย) Origin The Thai alphabet was probably derived from, or at least influenced by, the Old Khmer alphabet. According to tradition it was created in 1283 by King…

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