Official Translators

An Official Tranlsator is a skilled linguist registered as an “Expert” with a professional board at the Chamber of Commerce or as an “Expert Witness” at a Civil or Criminal Court. Often also called a Certified Translator, they certify translations in Court, before a Court Clerk or in the presence of a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace, however they may also provide handwritten certification signed and stamped by them to certify the compliance of their translation.

A team of over 20,000 professionals certified by leading organisations worldwide and located in various countries enable MMW traduzioni to offer translation services into any combination of 180 languages. We only use native speakers with degrees and specialised in the specific terms relating to numerous fields not only due to first-hand language skills acquired through specific studies, but also the experience they have gained through assiduous work in the field of language services. We recruit through a strict selection process and only take into consideration translators with recognised credentials and at least  15 years of direct experience in the field of translation. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to carrying out a translation, which is why we cannot allow our team to be joined by aspiring translators who, despite having the appropriate qualifications do not have the experience required in this field of work. The professional profiles of our translators are available to our clients on request and their credentials can be verified. MMW offers clients the opportunity to directly interact with our team to solve any issues regarding the use of language.

In the event that you require direct consultancy, please call us or send an email.