The importance of creative writing

The use of creative writing is a widespread phenomenon nowadays, and is having a significant influence on the cultural industry. Rediscovering the creative aspects of language is a way of considering a language as living, and always in motion.

Creative composition

Drawing on classical rhetoric once again, we can define creative writing as the conscious composition of a narrative text. Creative translation is therefore the process of imaginative writing of a text in the target language – meaning the destination language requested; the translated text becomes a text which was written ex-novo, where the original meaning of the text is unchanged.

Creative translation

Creative translation is the perfect union between creative writing and translation, where the fundamental principles of both are respected. The translator who embarks on the path of creative translation must have excellent text elaboration skills, as well as the ability to interpret the meaning of the text, and thus be able to prepare the text while making it very creative and giving it a real literary style.

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