Graphic Design

MMW makes use of a team of professional graphic designers who are experts in web site design and the field of multimedia design. From the planning of the concept, to the structure of the interface, from the development of the graphic design of the logo to that of the home page, from the acquisition of images and their successive reworking, MMW oversees every phase of your web site’s development: from web hosting, to the registration of your name with a virtual domain; from planning to graphic design, to the creation of web sites in FLASH MACROMEDIA, HTML and JAVA; from the acquisition of images to the digitalization of texts in html; from the publishing of content to translating it into more than 72 languages; from putting the site on-line, to updating it weekly.


After your web site has been created, an expert will work on promoting the site and placing it on the front pages of the main search engines. Our team of experts is available to satisfy any type of request our clients may have for technical assistance relative to the internet.

Et Ceteram

But that’s not all! We can design new company logos, prepare informational brochures and use a highly-personalized design to develop multimedia presentations for companies, both on paper and in digital form, or on CD-Rom, magnetic-optical media or by computer.