We are able to transcribe content in any language supplied on analogical media (VHS, audio cassette) or digital media (CD, .mp3, wav, avi, DVD), taken from documentaries, movies, short films, acts of conferences or conventions, and interviews.

Transcription of recorded magnetic tapes

MMW has a multilingual team of typists who are particularly skilled in the transcription of recorded magnetic tapes, from DVDs or CDs, with very fast service.

Linguistic adaptions

Thanks to the help of qualified personnel, any kind of text can be linguistically adapted, in addition to localizing it in any language. Professional speakers and valuable partners in the audiovisual field are available to our clients for vocalization and dubbing services.

DVD and CD-ROM reproduction

MMW’s team allows you to quickly reproduce your foreign language DVDs and CD-Roms for the foreign market, including with the insertion of subtitles.