A bit of history

MMW was founded in Rome in 1996. The company focuses on high-quality translations and language services for companies. From the beginning of our activity, the main goal has always been that of creating a new business model, based on the use of state of the art technologies and modern channels of communication – starting with the Internet – to complete the process of translations.

A vast and reliable network

Our network consists of more than 20,000 professional translators with numerous degrees and certifications from the world’s main bodies in the field, who are experts in various types of terminology. Our translators are located in both Italy and around the world, and can thus provide high-level translation in 180 languages any day of the year.

Not only translations

A team of editors and journalists is also at your service to provide additional services including: text editing, creative composition and editing services (including for text with very technical language, such as press releases, informational and company brochures, specialized reports, technical manuals, web page content, business contracts, and more), text revision in various languages, on-site and phone consulting, localization of websites and multimedia products (that is, the translation of the contents of a website or CD-Rom while completely observing the stylistic and formal standards – as well as the format – of the language into which it is translated), linguistic adaptation of text, sworn text and declarations under oath for legal documents, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

We provide our service to:

Public and Government-controlled Companies, foreign embassies based in Italy, multinationals, private enterprises, sole proprietorships, private customers and most of the law offices operating in Italy. We never publicise the names of companies, institutes or private customers that use our services by way of complying with our confidentiality agreement with customers and safeguarding the privacy of the content and materials we process.