We offer job opportunities for professional and specialized mother-tongue translators with degrees who have long-term experience in the field and can provide companies with an excellent level of service, above current market standards. New translators are carefully chosen based on their professional experience, their expertise and their general cultural knowledge; the most suitable applicants become part of our network of external collaborators and are contacted when we have requests for translations from our clients. The prerequisites for joining our staff are a high level of quality, as well as extreme accuracy in carrying out translation work and choosing terminology.


We offer job opportunities for professional interpreters who have proven experience in all areas of interpreting (simultaneous, negotiations, consecutive and chuchotage), and who are able to provide the companies we work with a level of service above current market standards. For this reason, new interpreters are carefully selected based on the language pairs with they work, their expertise, and the days of interpreting experience they have accumulated in their professional activity. Interpreters are contacted when we receive requests for the organization of conventions, conferences, and international working meetings, and the impeccable nature of their performance always serves as a guarantee of our company’s reliability.

Text editors

A good communications strategy is based on the effectiveness of the text, expressly developed to reach the goals set. Our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations, with an original approach that combines creativity in planning with the ability to present innovative challenges and goals. This is why we are always looking for text editors; talented writers who collaborate with us in the preparation of press releases, integrated communications projects, and web editing.


We offer translators who have recently completed their degree or who have limited experience, the possibility of training internships with us, which last at least three months. During the internship, which includes a monthly allowance, the applicants participate in all the activities relative to the productive cycle of translations: direct interaction with clients and translators in our external network, revision of translated texts and layout preparation, carrying out translations in the intern’s field of expertise, and study of the accounting notions needed to begin the profession of freelance translator.