Interpreting of negotiations

MMW staff places a team of professional interpreters at your disposal to effect translations of negotiations, consecutive, conference and simultaneous interpreting in any language. Interpreting of negotiations covers general topics and is effected for depositions, court appearances, simple medical consultations, assistance on business trips and exhibitions. This type of interpreting involves the orator saying two or three sentences in the original language before taking a break, during which the interpreter translates these into the other language. Conversation continues in this way, with the interpreter acting as an intermediary

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is effected during meetings in which highly specialized terminology is adopted, regarding, for example, technology, economy and specialist medicine, and on occasions such as top-level commercial negotiations and surgical procedures.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous or conference interpreting is effected during conferences, seminars, presentations and business meetings. On such occasions, the interpreter translates as the speaker orates. As in consecutive interpreting, the interpreter must be the font of vast and highly specialist terminology, although in this case translates from inside a soundproof cabin by listening to the orator through headphones and translating simultaneously into a microphone. Those present also have headphones through which they are able to hear the translation as it is effected. At times, when a small group is involved, portable equipment comprising a set of small headphones and microphones is used rather than a cabin. Our interpreting team may also organize all the equipment needed when necessary.