MMW gives you the possibility of registering a personal domain name and thus being present on the internet with the address: , thanks the exclusive use of one or more addresses distinguished by various extensions ( .com .net .org etc.) taking care of all the necessary phases of registration, with particular care for the procedural, technical and legal aspects of the process.

A question of visibility,

Furthermore, the choice of a domain name is crucial for the positioning of your web site on search engines, and thus allows you to increase your visibility for other users and potential clients.

An exclusive domain name allows you to, among other things, publish information, send and receive e-mail, and activate various web services on your site, thus significantly increasing the success of your image on the web.

The most immediate advantage of registering your own domain name is that of being completely free from the provider who manages your internet services, since the domain is registered in the name of and on behalf of the company that requests it. This guarantees your freedom to choose the best technological partner you can find, who can satisfy your needs at the best conditions offered on the market.