Any translation carried out by our professional translators can be certified by our company upon request via a report written in the language required on headed paper, which is signed and stamped by the translator to guarantee that the translation fully complies with the original text and according to ISO 17100:2015 quality provisions.

Contrary to translations that are sworn or officialised before a Court or a Notary Public, certified translations involve a simpler and less costly procedure as they do not require duty stamps and are issued directly by the translator in hard copy or electronic PDF format. They can therefore be sent via email and are immediately available to forward to the authority in question.

Certified translations are widely popular in foreign countries where professional translators are accredited as an official and can therefore freely issue a certified translation without having to take an oath before a state official.

A certified translation not only saves time and money with respect to a sworn translation, but it can also be integrated with a statement of oath at a later date, only entailing a fee for relative officialisation.