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Cypriot syllabary The Cypriot syllabary was used in Cyprus from about 1500 and 300 BC and is thought to have developed from the Linear A. The earliest known inscriptions from…

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Cwirhald   Cwirhald is yet another alphabet created by the people in Dardaniell, the fictional world invented by Pieter Rottiers. Cwirhald is a Dardain word meaning Hand of the king,…

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Cwaethra    Cwaethra is a simple alternative script for English invented by Heather Bryan and based on a random doodle. It's written in horizontal lines from left to right, and…

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Curvetic   Curvetic is an alternative alphabet for English invented by Simon Ager, the author of Omniglot, in June 2007. It is based on simple curved shapes, hence the name,…

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Common Syllabics

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Common Syllabics    Common Syllabics was created by Jonathon Grimes during the early 1990s to write the main language used in a role playing game: Common. Jonathon modelled Common Syllabics…

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