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Maharlikang Tagalog

These scripts are modified versions of the Baybayin alphabet designed by Frederick Victor Paredes Añana to write modern Tagalog.

Maharlikang Tagalog

This script is called Maharlikang, a word which comes from the Tagalog maharlika (royal, elite, noble), because of its stylized, almost Medieval appearance. The appearance of each character was inspired by the Old English Alphabet.

Frederick modified the diacritics to make it less confusing to read while staying almost true to the traditional shape of the basic characters. Frederick also created additional consonants to make Maharlikang Tagalog more complete.

Most of the basic characters were patterned on the Baybayin Lopez Font while the character for "ra" was taken from the Bikol Mintz Font. For details, see

Maharlikang Tagalog has three versions: The Archaic Version 1, Archaic Version 2 and The Simplified Version.

Maharlikang Tagalog (Archaic Version 1)

-inspired by the upper-case letters of the Old English Alphabet.

Maharlikang Tagalog (Archaic Version 1)

There are diacritics for consonants with an inherent i, e, u, and o sound. The inherent a sound is muted by a cross shaped diacritic.


Examples of consonants with diacritics

The word mga (pronounced as ma-nga) is spelled the way it is pronounced

The word mga (pronounced as ma-nga) is spelled the way it is pronounced

Punctuation marks

Maharlikang punctuation marks


Maharlikang numerals

Mathematical symbols

Maharlikang mathematical symbols

Sample text

Sample text in Simplified Maharlikang



All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

More information about Maharlikang Tagalog

Maharlikang fonts

Also by Frederick Victor Paredes Añana

Alfa-kinetix, Alfa-Larawan, Banaag, Maharlikang

Other constructed scripts for Tagalog

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